Who Wore it Better?


Who Wore It Better?

Great minds think alike — these celeb outfits prove it! Which star do you think rocked each matching piece the best? Vote for your faves!

By Kara McGrath

Ups and Downs

Demi Lovato and Alexa Vega combined two of the hottest trends in this findersKEEPERS dress: neons and mullet-hems! Do love Demi’s cobalt blazer and heels, or are Alexa’s neutral sandals more to your liking?

National Photo Group/Startracks Photo

Tribal Twins

While not exactly the same, Kylie Jenner and Nikki Reed‘s outfits both have cute pieces from Whitney Eve with a fun tribal accent. Do you prefer Nikki’s trendy tie-neck top, or Kylie’s flirty sundress?
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