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We had a GREAT time on Saturday!

We had a GREAT time on Saturday!   Shopping, Modeling,  Give-Aways and FUN!     We have expanded our assortments and our sizing!  We now have tween and teen sizes! SO many of our friends were out of town and couldn’t make it to the PARTY so we are extending the entry deadline.   Come [...]

selena gomez kisses and tells her beauty secrets

by Eva Chen There are certain requirements for moguldom—teen or otherwise—and Selena Gomez, with the launch of her signature scent this month, will have satisfied them all. Fashion line, check; music-movie television success, check; having a boyfriend with similarly hyphenated talents whom one sweetly demurs from speaking about, check. Another requirement? A hyper-opinionated community of [...]

Weekly Horoscopes

Tween horoscopes are unique because it uses the planets to give insight into a specific age group, dealing only with what is most important to these particular individuals. The concept of a tweenager is a very modern one. Up until the later part of the 20th Century, boys and girls went right from childhood into [...]

Who Wore it Better?

  Who Wore It Better? Great minds think alike — these celeb outfits prove it! Which star do you think rocked each matching piece the best? Vote for your faves! By Kara McGrath Next Next View Thumbnails Ups and Downs Demi Lovato and Alexa Vega combined two of the hottest trends in this findersKEEPERS dress: neons and mullet-hems! Do [...]

Skin Care Q and A

Question: Skin Care Tips for Tweens – How to Wash Your FaceMy daughter is 10 years old. I’m finding the early signs of acne on her face, and I’m so concerned that it’s going to start early. She only uses water to wash her face, and to be honest, I’m not sure how well she washes [...]